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  • Space for future education where knowledge, information, and hope coexist
    Bucheon, the City of Libraries – Bucheon City Library
  • Hub of knowledge and lives of the citizens
    Bucheon City Library
  • Place where people communicate and share their ideas
    Place where free and creative thoughts add flavors to life
    Place where knowledge and people meet to change the world
    This place is Bucheon City Library

Special Characteristics of the
Libraries of Bucheon

Library Infrastructure

Bucheon City is famous for having numerous libraries. Currently, there are 109 libraries in total, including 11 city libraries, 19 small public libraries that are operated with the
budget of Bucheon City, 67 small private libraries that are constructed and operated autonomously by citizens, 18 super-small libraries (Spore libraries) that were
constructed in places such as markets and offices where many people gather, and 2 smart libraries, which are operated automatically in subway stations. 4 university
libraries are open to the citizens of Bucheon, as well.

  • Inter Library Loan of Bucheon

    The libraries of Bucheon City directly operate the mutual lending system so that in the near libraries one can easily borrow and return materials from other libraries. Through this system, even the books in university libraries are accessible to the citizens.

  • Public-Private Cooperation

    The projects of Bucheon City’s Libraries are operated on the basis of the public-private cooperation. Through the operating committees of city libraries, the citizens themselves propose and select the policies of libraries. Although the small public libraries are supported financially by Bucheon City, the citizen organizations directly operate them. Small private libraries and spore libraries are mainly led by the citizens.

  • Computer Network of Libraries of Bucheon City

    In order for the citizens to use many libraries with more convenience, Bucheon City has successfully computerized all the lists of materials in its libraries. Through searching on the website of Bucheon City Library, all of the materials in the libraries of Bucheon City can be easily looked up, and mutual lending service is also available to borrow books from near libraries. New types of media, such as E-Book and audio book, are also provided by this network.

  • International Exchanges of the Libraries of Bucheon City

    Bucheon City Library is also promoting international exchanges. Since 2006, it has made exchanges with Kawasaki for libraries and books. In addition, Bucheon City Library has carried out various active exchange activities, such as dispatching library employees, with Okayama, a friendly city of Bucheon. Bucheon plans to further strengthen international exchanges and cooperation through libraries in the future.

  • Library Membership
  • In order to use the lending service and the online services of reservation and mutual lending, you must create your ID on the website of
    Bucheon City Library, visit one of the 11 city libraries, 18 public small libraries or 2 special libraries, and receive a Book Lending
    Membership Card.
  • ※ Associate Members: People who have only joined on the website of Bucheon City Library (Website and lending services are not available)
  • ※ Formal Members: People who received Book Lending Membership Cards from a nearby library after joining on the website of Bucheon City Library

Inter Library Loan of Bucheon City Library

It is a materials-sharing system that allows one to borrow and return books by requesting them from Bucheon City Library, if the books
cannot be found in the libraries one use.
  • Books that can be requested
    From 11 city libraries or 2 special library of Bucheon City
    1) Materials that are currently displayed
    (If the same book is also available in the library where the requester plans to borrow from, the mutual lending service cannot be used)
    2) Reserved materials (If the reserved book is returned, it becomes available for the Mutual Lending Service)
  • Number of Books for Request
    5 books in total for 1 person
  • Number of Books for Borrowing
    5 books in total for 1 person
    Only 5 books out of the combined total of 20 books from public libraries of Bucheon City are available for Mutual Lending Service, regardless of the libraries from which the books are borrowed.
    [Example] If you have borrowed 5 books for mutual lending, regardless of the libraries, 5 more books are available for request, but some of 5 books on loan must be returned to borrow other books for mutual lending.
    Books for mutual lending are also included in a limit of 5 books to be borrowed from each library.
    [Example] If you yourself visit Hanulbit Library and borrow 2 books, and 3 more books for mutual lending from there, you are not able to borrow more books from Hanulbit Library.
  • Lending Period
    14 Days (Extension: Once for 7 more days)
  • Procedure
    Membership (Issuing Membership Card) - Sign in – Searching books – Availability check – Request for mutual lending – Selecting the place to receive books – Receiving SMS – Borrowing books – Returning books

Digital library

How to Use Internet Zone (Twice for 1 hour per person)

After entering the ID and password for the website of Bucheon City Library, digital archives are available.
If you do not sign in within 10 minutes after reserving the seat online, the
reservation will automatically be canceled.
Document tasks can be done, as Hancom Office and Microsoft Office are installed.
You can use need the printers only with a copying card, which can be bought in stores or the Information Desk on the 1st floor.
Scanners are available at Bucheon City Library (Except Bukbu Library), so you can scan your documents.
However, scanning books can be prohibited due to the copyright law.

How to Use DVD/Video & Language Zone (1 item per person)

※All of the non-book materials can only be used inside Digital Archives, and
lending service outside there is not available.
Search for the materials using the searching computer, or find them from the DVD/Video lists, and request them to library staff members.
After writing your name, address and the title of the materials on the
DVD/Video usage list, submit your ID (Residence Registration Card, Student
ID, Driver’s License or Lending Membership Card) and watch the materials in
any empty spot of DVD Zone.

Library classes, events and club

Library classes

Provides education programs tailored to age and characteristics
More than 200 open courses per year : infants, children, youth, women, the elderly, etc.

Library events

Various events during the year
One city One book campaign, Book festival, Reading Marathon, Library academy, Special lecture on humanities, Free movie screening, Puppet show,
Storytelling, Poetry recitation, Book report writing contests, etc.

Library clubs and societies

Library support more than 30 citizen reading / literary / social / cultural clubs and societies
Poetry Creative Club, Citizen novelist club, Age-specific reading discussion clubs, poetry recitation clubs, Citizen History Research Society. Photo group, Fairy tales study group, Humanities club, Multicultural learning club, Astronomy club, etc.
Join us! Enjoy the Bucheon City Library!
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